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HealthCare Innovators assists clients in creating or transforming their health care systems or organizations, so the safest, most effective, efficient and equitable care possible is provided.  We do not represent any single institution.  Our core team members converge from a broad professional spectrum, including all aspects of health care (clinical, management, and systems), science, technology, business and the biomedical industry.

It is from this broad background that we draw our extensive, unbiased network of eclectic advisors for knowledge in clinical practice, education, research/development, biotech and biomedical device information, healthcare IT and the best innovations in the healthcare sector.

Those innovations are rigorously examined, compared and assessed for their potential to improve patient outcomes and to improve health care system performance.  Thus, three platforms support our ability to transform any health care entity or system:

  • our robust core team
  • an unbiased network of professionals
  • validated innovations from collaborators

These undergird our strategic planning and designs.


HCI makes use of all technology and innovation, shifting emphasis in healthcare from one currently oriented toward secondary and tertiary hospital settings toward enhanced primary care settings.

 Our business paradigm emphasizes:

  • Wellness and prevention
  • Continual shifts toward strong primary care team/patient relationships as the essential core for good health
  • Substantially reduced costs for diagnostics, services, secondary or tertiary care
  • Employing an eclectic network of professionals for strategic design rather than building a stereotyped and monolithic institution
  • Using a portfolio of validated innovations from collaborators to avoid the certainty of obsolescence, particularly for digital and point-of-care diagnostics

Our healthcare systems are designed to reward primary care teams for creating healthy patients.  Patient care comes first.


HCI offers the best possible solutions/designs to clients for their target populations through:

  • Focused, integrated systems/controls, with validated diagnostics/interventions
  • On-site and Internet-based tools/training
  • High-lighting research, development, and investment opportunities, with potential to speed transformation

We work with clients on these levels:

  • Identify/develop comprehensive strategic plans
  • Create detailed project, implementation and operating designs
  • Identify/hire resources (companies, service solutions, etc), which facilitate/accelerate implementation
  • We engage with clients at ALL stages of an operation, auditing performance to make course corrections, as necessary.

Leveraging our experiential base and our networks, HCI promotes public-private partnerships (PPPs); an important tools for health care system development.  HCI negotiates substantive discussions/agreements with a broad set of biotech/device companies for the promotion of decentralized diagnostic.


We assist clients in transforming their health care systems or organizations, so that the safest, most effective, efficient and equitable care is provided

Our core team members converge from a broad professional spectrum, including all aspects of health care, science, technology, business and the pharmaceutical industry.

HCI Team

HealthCare Innovators team has extensive experience at top level management and operations in healthcare, science, technology, academics, business and the pharmaceutical industry. Here we present the most seniors partners and advisers of our core team. Click on pictures for more details.

Dr. Prendergast, a former Rhodes scholar, is currently a senior advisor to HCI, but will join the Principals as a Partner upon retirement from Mayo Clinic Staff later in 2014. He currently holds a position as Professor in the Department of Molecular Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics at Mayo Clinic, Rochester.

While at Mayo, Dr. Prendergast has held the following positions:

  • Chair, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Director for Research, Mayo Clinic Rochester
  • Mayo Clinic Board of Trustees
  • Director of Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Member of the Board of Governors, Mayo Clinic Rochester
  • Director of Mayo Center for Individualized Medicine
  • Mayo Foundation Executive Committee

Dr. Prendergast currently serves on:

  • Board of Directors for Cancer Genetics, Inc
  • Board of Directors for Eli Lilly
  • Board of Directors for Ativa Medical Company
  • Board of Directors for Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI)
  • Board of Directors for International Medica Foundation
  • Board of Trustees for The Buck Institute

Extramurally, he has served extensively for the National Institutes of Health, Board of Advisors for Division of Research Grants; National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council; Board of Scientific Advisors of National Cancer Institute; National Cancer Advisory Board. In these positions, Dr. Prendergast has greatly influenced the direction of the United States healthcare and research for medical sciences.

Dr. Lawrence has served in a variety of clinical and leadership roles, in both public and private healthcare systems (domestically and internationally). Dr. Lawrence joined Kaiser Permanente, the world’s largest private healthcare system, in 1981, serving as Chairman and CEO from 1991-2002. Since then, he has participated in a wide range of venture and private-equity funded healthcare delivery start-ups and early-stage companies.

Currently, Dr. Lawrence serves:

  • On the Board of Agilent Technologies, the world’s leading company for electronic and bio-analytical measurements
  • As a Board member of McKesson Corporation, the largest pharmaceutical distributor and medical-management software and service provider for the U.S. and Canada.

Dr. Lawrence’s former positions include:

  • Director of Raffles Medical Group, Inc.
  • Director of PG&E Corporation
  • Director of Dynavax Technologies Corporation
  • Board of Directors, Rockefeller Foundation
  • RAND Health Advisory Board
  • Senior Fellow in Health Policy, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy

Dr. Lawrence maintains a wide network of healthcare leaders, while continuing as mentor to a host of aspiring entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals. He has recognized expertise in integrated healthcare financing and delivery, and is author of two books: From Chaos To Care: The Promise Of Team Based Medicine (2002) and Best Care, Best Future: A Guide for Healthcare Leaders (2014).

Mr. Rosenow began his legal career in Washington D.C., first at a Division of the Treasury Department, then moving to the Washington office of a Los Angeles-based law firm. But fifteen years ago, he chose to focus his career on business development, technology transfer, strategic partnering and management of organizations within the fields of biotechnology, medical devices and the diagnostics industry.

Mr. Rosenow began his legal career in Washington D.C., first at a Division of the Treasury Department, then moving to the Washington office of a Los Angeles-based law firm. But fifteen years ago, he chose to focus his career on business development, technology transfer, strategic partnering and management of organizations within the fields of biotechnology, medical devices and the diagnostics industry.

Dr. Reed is the founder and scientific director of the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI). He is also the Chairman of the Board of Advisors for The Lilly Tuberculosis Drug Discovery Institute. In 2005, Dr. Reed founded Dharma Therapeutics, a Seattle biotech company developing transdermal delivery systems.

Dr. Reed was co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Corixa Corporation, founded in 1994, and sold to GlaxoSmithKline in 2005. He also co-founded Immune Design Corporation, a vaccine company, in 2008. Dr. Reed serves on several editorial review committees, is a member of the Tropical Medicine Study Steering Committee of the National Institutes of Health. He is on the Vaccine Development Steering Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) and currently a member of the Diagnostics Steering Committee of WHO.

Dr. Rosenow is an Emeritus consultant of Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Rosenow, the Arthur M. and Gladys Gray Professor of Medicine, was the Chair of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, President of the Staff of Mayo Clinic Rochester, Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic Medical School and was President of the American College of Chest Physicians. He was awarded a Master Fellow of the American College of Physicians, as well as Master Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians.

His numerous achievements, awards and honors include:

  • Mayo Fellows Hall of Fame of Outstanding Teachers
  • Distinguished Mayo Clinician Award
  • An honor lectureship given in his name each year at the annual meeting of the American
  • College of Chest Physicians
  • Mayo Foundation Distinguished Alumnus Award
  • Professorship in The Art of Medicine, given by the Bruce Clinton family
  • Mayo Plummer Society Award for Excellence in Medicine
  • Consultant to NASA space station FREEDOM, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
  • 170 publications, 30 book chapters, two books, co-authoring two books, four amici curiae for the U.S. Supreme Court on tobacco legislation

Dr. Schneider is currently a practicing cardiologist, with an additional practice in Preventive Medicine. A significant part of his practice focuses on patients with diabetes.

Formerly, he was Chief Medical Officer of HealthSpan Institute International and Medical Director of the HealthSpan Clinics in Gulf Breeze, Florida and in Vail, Colorado. His ground-breaking work in age management and regenerative medicine is rooted in more than a decade of personal and professional involvement in this exciting medical specialty.

Dr. Schneider has the rare distinction of being certified in four medical specialties. In addition, he maintains an avocation in Bioethics and affiliates with the Kennedy School of Bioethics at Georgetown University.


Leveraging our experiential base and our network, HCI will promote public-private partnerships (PPPs); an important tool for health care development.

HCI will negotiate substantive agreements with a broad set of biotech/device companies for the promotion of decentralized diagnostic clinics.


Collaborations are an essential component of the HCI business model. Our collaborations are drawn from academia, biotechnology and high-technology industries. They include individuals, as well as entire organizations.

Specific collaborations exist for specific projects, which allows for truly eclectic flexibility in building teams to contend, selectively, with any particular project. In all circumstances, innovation is key.

Generally, our collaborators have disruptive technologies to enable the development and delivery of healthcare systems that allow more efficient and effective healthcare.  Collaborators exist for all aspects of healthcare systems, clinics and hospital design, for disruptive technologies, for disease prediction, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and prognostics.

Some of the entities with whom HCI collaborates include:

  • Aditazz: designs and delivers next-generation healthcare facilities by integrating new design, technology, and manufacturing techniques; www.aditazz.com
  • Somalogic: breakthrough SOMAscan technology unlocks protein biomarkers for life science research, drug discovery and development, and new diagnostic tests; www.somalogic.com
  • Cepheid: a molecular diagnostics, company dedicated to improving healthcare by developing, manufacturing, and marketing accurate, easy-to-use, rapid molecular systems and tests, which are automated; www.cepheid.com
  • IDRI: a non-profit health organization, combines high-quality science with the product development capabilities of a biotech company to create new diagnostics, drugs and vaccines; www.idri.org
  • Gamma Medica: a medical device company developing, manufacturing, and marketing molecular breast imaging and related technologies for women’s health; www.gammamedica.com
  • PhotoniCare: a screening and diagnostics company, using optical coherence tomography (OCT) (analogous to ultrasound) for a variety of point-of-care health concerns; www.photonicare.com
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • W.M. Keck Graduate School
  • Mill City Innovation and Collaboration Center; www.millcityicc.org

We work with our clients on three levels: 1) We identify and develop comprehensive strategic and transformative plans; 2) We create detailed projects; 3) We identify and hire resources.

HealthCare Innovators does NOT represent any single institution. Rather, the partners convene flexible, eclectic teams of experts to address specific planning requirements for each individual challenge.

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